We brought you few basic care and tips for any fashion jewelry you got. Remember to subscribe our Telegram channel and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get more update about the care tips!


Firstly, you need to bare in mind that fashion jewelry is not meant for daily or heavy usage. Therefore, having variety of them and wearing them alternately to match your daily outfit will mostly giving them longevity rather than wearing the same one everyday.


The most important tips is to always keep your jewelry dry and clean. When we said dry, it does not only means to avoid water, it means any kind of liquid form such as chemical products like perfume, cologne, any lotion or cream, oil, sweat and so on. Try to avoid them as much as you can. If you need to apply them, then try to apply them before wearing your fashion jewelry.


You might want to store your jewelry in a proper organiser or storage such as jewelry box and pouch. This will prevent your baubles from moving around, avoid other harsh chemicals contact without you realise and keep it clean and safe. If you are familiar with anti-tarnish paper, it is really suggested to wrap each of your piece with it. You may also use ziplock storage to avoid air, as air is what makes metal tarnish.


Try to NEVER do these:


  • Do not was your hands while wearing jewelry.
  • Do not wear your jewelry while going to bed.
  • Do not use your perfume, lotion, cream, oil, hair spray, or makeup while wearing jewelry.
  • Do not wear jewelry at gym, while exercising, at spa, swimming pool, toilet and bathroom.
  • Do not use jewelry cleaner.
  • Do not wash laundry and dishes while wearing jewelry.